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Electric Vehicle Service


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Recommended EV Service & Maintenance at Berlin City Honda of Portland

New to Electric Vehicle ownership and aren’t sure what routine service and maintenance are needed? The experts at Berlin City Honda of Portland’s Service Center are here to help. While Electric Vehicles don’t require the typical oil change maintenance as typical combustion vehicles, EVs still require some routine servicing to ensure their performance, longevity, and safety.

Find out what maintenance an Electric Vehicle needs compared to a Hybrid below. Discover what battery service your electric motor may need and keep reading to learn more about recommended service and maintenance for Electric Vehicles. ​​Our highly trained staff is standing by to assist you with whatever you may need, whether that’s advice on EV upkeep and maintenance, or EV service and repair. You can schedule service appointments online, by calling our service department or dropping by our dealership and speaking with a service team member. We are always happy to see you and your vehicle!

Electric Vehicle Maintenance

EV vs Hybrid Maintenance

Hybrid vehicles have internal combustion engines and a small battery for additional range. This means that their maintenance schedule will be similar to regular combustion vehicles since both have full engines that need regular oil changes and inspection. Fully electric vehicles on the other hand don’t require oil and have fewer parts, meaning they require minimal scheduled maintenance, saving you money and worry down the road.

Fewer parts mean fewer things can go wrong, you don’t have to worry about the transmission, gears, or engine found in the typical hybrid and combustion vehicle. There are also fewer fluids to check and maintain, as the motor doesn’t use engine oil. That’s not all, brakes in EVs also typically wear slower because they use regenerative braking, which employs electrical energy that can be immediately used or stored. Combustion, Hybrid, and Electric Vehicles all do require similar tire care and maintenance. Each needs regular checks and rotations to maintain performance and safety.

Electric Vehicle Recommended Maintenance

EV Recommended Maintenance

Check your vehicle’s manual or look online for recommended EV maintenance intervals for specific service requirements. Generally, for the first 100,000 miles or so, EV vehicles only require regular tire service and rotations as well as cabin air filter replacements and some fluid replacements. However, there are a few things you should still know about EV-specific maintenance schedules.

While the battery in Electric Vehicles is designed to last during the entire lifetime of the vehicle, every battery has a limited amount of charging cycles, meaning they have limited battery life. Additionally, regenerative braking sometimes requires the use of liquid coolants which may require routine inspection and checks. That’s where Berlin City Honda of Portland’s Service Center comes in, our experts will perform all your EV maintenance needs in a timely manner and at a competitive price.

Why Service at Berlin City Honda of Portland?

At Berlin City Honda of Portland, our Honda-trained and certified technicians strive for the highest standards of customer service. Our goal is to service your vehicle quickly, effectively, and affordably. We offer Transparent Pricing so you always know what exactly you’re paying, and always get the most reasonable price for those repairs. Our Expert Technicians are trained on all makes, models, and years. And because we live in your community, too, like any good neighbor we treat you with as much care and respect as we do your car. Additional services and specials offered include:

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EV Service and Maintenance FAQs

Yes, because there are generally fewer components, and the electric capabilities are designed to be recharged, EVs require far less maintenance and service than conventional vehicles.

Yes, as EVs require far less routine maintenance and service, you will be saving money on inspections and repairs far down the line.

EV vehicles usually require routine tire service and rotations, cabin air filter replacements, and occasional drain and fill of coolant circuits.

EV batteries are designed to last during the entire lifespan of the vehicle. However, every battery has a limited amount of times it can be recharged, contact us with any questions about your vehicle’s battery life, warranties, and battery recycling policies.

Hybrid vehicles still have internal combustion engines, which means that their maintenance schedule should look very similar, if not identical, to regular gas-powered vehicles.

EVs use regenerative braking, which employs electrical energy to stop the vehicle that can be immediately used or stored.

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