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2022 Honda Hybrid - Exterior Grey


Honda Electric and Hybrid at Berlin City Honda of Portland

For model year 2022, Honda offers a trio of hybrids – hybrid versions of the CR-V, Accord and Insight – as well as the Clarity plug-in hybrid. If you’re interested in finding out more about Honda’s lineup of hybrids, you’ve come to the right place with Honda of Berlin! Here’s where you can find out everything you need to know about the advanced features, performance offerings, technology and design details of these great cars.

This lineup of hybrids will deliver all the performance, comfort and innovation you’re used to with Hondas, and all with Honda’s reputation for reliability and quality. So take your time and learn a little about what Honda hybrid models have to offer. When you’re ready for a test drive, swing by Honda of Berlin or make an appointment – we can talk about financing options, and while you’re at it don’t forget to check out the latest Honda financing specials.


Performance and Efficiency

The hybrid versions of the Accord, Insight and CR-V (along with the Clarity plug-in hybrid) all feature the sleek, graceful styling you’re used to from Hondas, along with sparkling performance, superb fuel efficiency, great road manners and sharp, responsive handling.

The Accord Hybrid means you don’t have to sacrifice performance, comfort or interior room to see fuel economy of well over 40 mpg on the highway. The Insight was America’s first-ever hybrid vehicle when it was introduced back in 1999, and over 20 years later the Insight has been refined and developed into a premium sedan with styling that makes it a real standout on the roads. As for the CR-V, it’s still the same rugged and versatile crossover SUV that Honda drivers have loved so much – except it now features a next-generation hybrid drivetrain.

The Clarity, on the other hand, is breaking new ground in technology and innovation for hybrids and electric vehicles. Its fuel cell converts hydrogen to electricity, powering the car’s drive motors; the result is instant power, instant acceleration and zero emissions. The hydrogen tanks are made from lightweight carbon fiber, mounted safely and securely in the frame, and refueling at a hydrogen station is as simple and routine as any visit to a gas pump.

2022 Honda Hybrid - Exterior Grey


The interior dash of a Honda Hybrid.

Exterior and Interior Design

Step into these new Honda Hybrid models and find out what’s changed!

The Insight bears a strong family resemblance to the Civic, with a stylish and aerodynamic sedan body style, but with an amazing EPA rating of 55 mpg highway. Inside, you’ll find a state-of-the-art infotainment system, a digital dashboard display that’s customizable so it can display the information you want, plenty of room to get comfortable, plenty of bins and cubbies and a rear seat that folds almost completely flat to accommodate cargo.

As for the Accord Hybrid, it may not look a whole lot different from the standard Accord with its handsome styling and sporty demeanor. But the Accord Hybrid is well-packaged, well-thought-out and is a great compromise between economy, performance and practicality. Its sleek, flowing lines are harmonized perfectly and capped off by LED low-beam headlights (and optional LED fog lights), an elegant stance and fastback profile. Inside, the Accord Hybrid is loaded with features like leather-trimmed heated/ventilated seats, an impressive amount of legroom and headroom, power accessories galore, a 7-inch customizable dashboard display and heads-up display for the driver, premium audio with Intelligent Noise Cancellation(™), dual-zone climate control, a versatile center console and cubbies and a foldable rear seat like the Insight Hybrid.

The CR-V Hybrid has the same balance of ruggedness and refinement that Honda drivers are used to, with tasteful chrome accents, a stylish rear spoiler, swooping wheel arches, LED lighting and chromed dual exhaust outlets. Inside, you’ll find amenities like a customizable driver display interface with an attention monitor to keep tabs on drowsy drivers. You’ll love the 12-way power seat and 4-way lumbar support, electric parking brake, dual-zone climate control, heated/ventilated leather-trimmed front seats, heated steering wheel, wireless charging station, USB and 12V power outlets. And of course the CR-V Hybrid has the same kind of practicality and versatility you’ve come to expect, with plenty of cargo room, fold-down rear seat, hands-free power tailgate, cubbies and an ingenious center console that’s easily configurable to your needs.

The Clarity Fuel Cell features a sophisticated look, with super-thin LED headlights, heated side mirrors, a combination of aluminum and steel body panels for weight savings, a unique line above the rear wheels for aerodynamic efficiency and heat-blocking glass to help lighten the load on the vehicle’s climate control. The smart engineering of the fuel cell under hood allows for even more interior room and enhanced trunk space, with comfortable accommodations for five and elegant soft-touch leather-trimmed upholstery with an 8-way power seat for the driver and a 4-way power seat on the passenger side. For the driver, there’s a customizable driver interface display so you can monitor the fuel cell’s status, a heads-up display, heated front seats, steering wheel-mounted controls, dual-zone climate control and a one-touch electronic gear selector with performance-boosting Sport mode.


Like you’d expect with Honda models, the Insight Hybrid, CR-V Hybrid, Accord Hybrid and Clarity Fuel Cell are loaded with advanced high-tech features, such as: ⁠

  • 8.0 inch infotainment screen with Apple Car Play and Android Auto capability
  • 10- or 12-speaker audio and 450-watt amplifier (optional)
  • Suite of driver assistance features that includes blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control
  • Two LED monitors in front
  • Customizable feature settings for infotainment system
2022 Honda Hybrid Technology

Competitive Comparisons

Honda Accord Hybrid
Base price: $37,195
Horsepower: 212 hp
Torque: 232 lb-ft
Fuel economy 44 mpg hwy/41 mpg city
Seating capacity: 5
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
Base price:$27,050
Horsepower:192 hp
Torque:139 lb-ft
Fuel economy:54 mpg hwy/50 mpg city
Seating capacity: 5

Honda CR-V Hybrid
Base price: $31,610
Horsepower: 212 hp
Torque: 129 lb-ft
Fuel economy: 40 mpg hwy/30 mpg city
Seating capacity: 5
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
Base price: $29,075
Horsepower: 219 hp
Torque: 163 lb-ft
Fuel economy: 41 mpg hwy/38 mpg city
Seating capacity: 5

Honda Insight
Base price: $26,885
Horsepower: 151 hp
Torque: 99 lb-ft
Fuel economy: 51 mpg hwy/45 mpg city
Seating capacity: 5
Hyundai Elantra Hybrid
Base price: $23,550
Horsepower: 139 hp
Torque: 109 lb-ft
Fuel economy: 52 mpg hwy/49 mpg city
Seating capacity: 5

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
Base price: $58,490
Horsepower: 174 hp
Torque: 221 lb-ft
Fuel economy: 68 MPGe city/67 MPGe hwy
Seating capacity: 5
Tesla Model 3
Base price: $46,990
Horsepower: 283 hp
Torque: 302 lb-ft
Fuel economy: 134 MPGe city/126 MPGe hwy
Seating capacity: 5

Honda Electric and Hybrid FAQs

For model year 2022, the Insight, Accord Hybrid, CR-V Hybrid, Clarity Plug-In Hybrid and Clarity Fuel Cell are the entirety of the Honda electric lineup. The all-electric Prologue EV is slated for introduction in model year 2024.

The range for fully-electric vehicles can vary, usually anywhere from 150 to 400 miles. For hybrids, range in full-electric mode is limited. The all-electric Clarity Fuel Cell has a range of 360 miles.

Hybrids use a combination of electric power from a battery and an internal-combustion engine. EVs are all-electric with no internal-combustion engine at all.

Hybrid batteries use a combination of charging from the internal-combustion engine and regenerative braking. ⁠

While a hybrid recharges from regenerative braking and the gas engine, a plug-in hybrid has a larger battery that can be charged from a home outlet. That larger battery, though, means that a plug-in hybrid can be used in electric-only mode until the internal-combustion engine is needed and kicks in.


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